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Three to five players make the best game. Each antes one chip before the deal. Five cards are dealt to each player, face down, as in draw poker; the undealt cards are placed in the center to form the stock, and the play is as in rummy. Eldest hand (player at the dealer's left) draws the top card of the stock and discards, and thereafter each player in turn has his choice between the top card of the stock and the top discard. The dis­card pile should be kept squared up and is not open to inspection.

Any player, in turn, after drawing and before discarding, may knock. This means there will be a showdown when his turn comes again. The knocker then discards, and each player has one more turn, in which he may draw as usual, and then he must either drop and pay the knocker a chip, or discard and stay in.

When the knocker's turn comes again, he does not draw there is a showdown among all players who stayed in. If the knocker has the high hand, every player who stayed in pays him two chips. If any other player ties the knocker, they divide the winnings, except that the knocker keeps chips paid to him by players who dropped out. If anyone beats the knocker, he gets the antes, and the knocker pays two chips to every player who stayed in.

It is customary for bonuses to be paid (by every player, in­cluding those who may have dropped) as follows: two chips each for knocking on the first round and winning without draw­ing a card (in this case, the player who knocks passes his turn to draw to the player at his left); one chip each for knocking before drawing on the first round, then drawing the top card of the stock and winning; four chips each for winning with a royal flush, two chips each for winning with any other straight flush, and one chip each for winning with four-of-a-kind.

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