How The Poker Game Is Played


Online Poker game is one of the easiest games to learn and play. It possesses none of the intricate technique of bridge, for example. Starting to learn bridge from scratch, it would be three months before you could take your place in even a moderate game, but you could join in a online poker game after three hours of instruction! And, if you were prepared to do some homework with this online poker guide, you would be a better than average player after a few weeks.

However, it is more likely for a good poker player like Baldwin to suffer these bad beats, as they are called, than for an average player or a weak player to suffer them. "I've heard good players complain to me about how they get drawn out on all the time," Baldwin said after the 1981 tournament. "But if they want to better their game and better their emotional state while playing, they should realize it's a mirage. If you are an excellent player, people are going to draw out on you a lot more than you're going to draw out on them because they're simply going to have the worst hand against you a lot more times than you have the worst hand against them. There's no way you're going to draw out on anybody if you don't get all your money in there on the worst hand."

The essence of the poker game is simple. There can be any number of players from two to eight, but the usual number is five, six or seven. One ordinary pack of fifty-two cards is used in actual play, though for convenience two packs are generally used alternately. After each hand the poker player on the left of the dealer should collect the cards so that when it is his turn to shuffle and deal there will be no delay.

The first step is to learn the values of the poker hands and to study the principles of betting until you are sure you understand them thoroughly. Then deal out hands, face up the hands of six or seven players, as they would be dealt in a game. Notice the poker game combinations. Decide what you would discard and how many cards you would draw if you were playing draw poker game. Observe how many poor hands and how many good hands show up; this will give you an idea of what to expect other players to hold in an actual game. Read the rules of the various games on the following pages, and the advice on skillful play. Most important of all, play online poker game in actual games. No amount of study compares with participation.

The first dealer is traditionally chosen by any one online poker player's starting to deal the cards face up. He deals until a Jack appears, and the player who gets the Jack is the first dealer. He shuffles, offers the pack to the player on his right to cut, and then deals. The first hand or "pot" is played. The deal then passes to the left, and the next pot is played. And so on.

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