History of POKER Game

Although no one can exactly pinpoint its origins, the game of Online Poker has a long and rich history. There are those historians and poker buffs that have speculated that Online Poker game had its beginnings in China, while there are others who say Persia, and still others speak of France. There is however, one thing that is certain and that is that wherever Online Poker game did originate, it is most assuredly an online betting international game.

Today in fact, Poker is the most extensively played card game in the world even more then online blackjack and online slots. In virtually every country, tournaments and competitions are taking place regularly, while some of these competitions are even offering huge cash prizes. In spite of the fact that the rules and strategies may be different from country to country, Poker game aficionados can be found from all over the world, seeking a chance to play and to compete with a chance of winning one of the titles and prizes offered. In that it is the only online casino type game where poker players contend against one another as a substitute for competing against the house, Poker game is exceptional. The system of ranking the winning hand remains the same in all places, wherever it is being played, however.

Poker game has enjoyed extensive popularity in the U.S. since its beginning there and the U.S. stands as the home to some of the major Poker game tournaments and competitions in the world. The history of Poker game in the U.S. is simpler to trace. The name seems to be most closely resulting from the French game, poque while its rules and strategies seem to have been taken from several different games. It is thought that Poque is the first game to use a deck of cards made up of the four suits called clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades that we use today.

In the U.S., the rules of modern Poker games are unlike the rules that governed those initial Poker games that were played on the riverboats that used to travel the Mississippi and Ohio rivers in the 1830s. Still many of the games we do yet play, such as the straight, stud poker, and the draw, come from that era and also the era of the Civil War. In fact, during the Wild West days of the U.S., no self-respecting saloon could be found that didn't have at least one Poker table.

With the beginning of the Internet and its growing accessibility, online Poker games are receiving increasing attention and the game of Poker is increasing in popularity. The demand for online games has been fueled by the ease and convenience of using the Internet to play and by the mounting number of people playing. The cash prizes are likely to grow as well, with the increasing number of players, which will only increase the popularity of the game. It appears that another chapter in the colorful history of Poker is going to be opened up by the Internet.

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