Online Texas Holdem

Online Texas hold’em remains one of the most popular ways to test your poker skill and try your luck online. As with all online games, your best chance to succeed comes by understanding some of the basics. Unlike many other online poker games, skilled enough play can make you a long term winner. Here are some of the ground rules you should bring to the online hold’em situation.

Starting Hands

The most important thing to learn when starting out in Texas hold’em is to be selective about your starting hands. Playing any two cards just to see the flop in hold’em will quickly erase your bankroll. Restrict yourself to big cards and pairs, especially in early position.


Position refers to an act in any given hand. The later you act in the hand, the more advantageous it can be. This way, you get to see what your opponents will do before you deciding your own action.

The ideal place to be is the button, since you act last on every round from the flop on. When you have position, you should be more willing to raise pre-flop and be a bit looser with your starting hand requirements. Your additional information confers such a large advantage.

Suited Cards

Try not to become too attached to suited cards. You won’t flop a flush that frequently and when you do it may be difficult to get action. If you flop a flush draw, the hand can get expensive if you don’t hit.

Furthermore, if someone has higher cards in the same suit as you, you could go broke if you make your hand. Try to limit playing suited cards to times when you have the ace of that suit, when both cards are big, or in some cases when the cards connect and have straight possibilities.


Despite what television may suggest, few poker players are stars right out of the gate. It takes time, practice and experience for most players to be successful. However, it is possible to improve quickly. If you are thoughtful and patient, you can have a lot of success playing online Texas hold’em.


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