Caribbean Stud - a Simple Poker Game

Many poker sites also offer casino games, such as Caribbean Stud poker online . When you get tired of playing Texas Hold'em, Omaha and the other regular poker variations, it's nice to relax a little and play a simpler game. It's easy to learn Caribbean stud . You basically only have one single decision to make in a hand of Caribbean Stud - whether you should play your hand or fold. In Texas Hold'em, on the other hand, you have a number of decisions to make in every stage of the game. It's still, however, valuable to learn the basic Caribbean Stud strategy . The odds are against you in the long run, but if you play correctly you will make your bankroll last longer.

Caribbean Stud resembles traditional poker in many ways, but it has its own rules and its own vocabulary. Here are the basic terms that you need to know in order to play and discuss the popular casino game known as Caribbean Stud.

Ante Bet: The initial bet one puts up to start a hand of Caribbean Stud.

Fold: If a player does not wish to raise after the initial deal he must fold, forfeiting his ante bet and side bet.

Qualifying Hand: A hand of ace king or higher. In Caribbean Stud, the dealer must have at least this strong a hand to qualify. If he fails to qualify, all players who remain in the hand get even money on their ante bet and a push on their raise bet. The lowest qualifying hand would be AK432. The highest non-qualifying hand would be AQJT9.

Raise Bet: The bet a player must put up if he wishes to continue after the initial deal. This is equal to twice the ante bet.

Side Bet: The $1 progressive bet made in addition to the ante bet. This side bet pays off out of the progressive prize pool, which grows continuously until it is hit for the full amount. Players get 50-to-1 for a flush, 75-to-1 for a full house, 100-to-1 for four of a kind, 10 percent of the prize pool for a straight flush and the full prize pool for a royal flush. These payoffs are made independent of whether or not the dealer qualifies.

Tropical Stud: An alternate name for Caribbean Stud.

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